• Welcome to Snowboxx Perks!

    Snowboxx Perks is the reward scheme we offer where customers can earn rewards for promoting and selling tickets for Snowboxx Festival to your friends. As part of the scheme you will gain rewards and giveaways for each ticket that is booked by a customer that you have recommended.

  • How do I earn Snowboxx Perks cash?

    Once you join the scheme you will be given your own Snowboxx link to share with your mates and get them to book! You will earn £10 each time one of your recommended friends books a ticket to the festival plus free experiences and upgrades every few tickets sold. Please note that names within your initial group booking are not redeemable as Snowboxx Perks Cash. Only new package bookings will count.

  • How do I recommend someone who is going to book?

    Once you have signed up you will receive an exclusive snowboxx link. All you need to do is send the link to the person interested in booking and get them to book through your link. The credit will automatically show up in your account as soon as they make their booking.

  • How do you spend Snowboxx Perks Cash?

    The cash you earn can be redeemed in a number of ways. You can choose to reduce the price of your existing Snowboxx package, purchase Merchandise, Drink Vouchers at the festival or epic experiences such as VIP Upgrades, Igloo Party Tickets or Bottomless Brunches!

  • How do I go about Promoting Snowboxx?

    First off, we would recommend using the Tools provided to use across social media. This is the perfect place to gain interest for friends. Ways to further promote include:

  • Snowboxx Promotional Tools!

    Sign up to be able to download a number of assets that you are welcome to use to further push Snowboxx Festival. Please make sure that you do not create artwork outside of these as it is important that the brand is consistent. Some tips to promote this year’s winter festival:

    • Create a Facebook event and invite to all your friends
    • Set up a WhatsApp group of all friends that you think will be interest and get the chat going!
    • Email a Snowboxx itinerary to relevant contacts
    • Share on your social networks
    • Request posters / flyers from Snowboxx to be put up in your area / uni / local bars and anywhere else creative!


Share this custom URL with your friends so they can book Snowboxx through it
Example: http://snowboxx.mainstagetravel.co.uk/aff/ShaunWhite